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Everything thing in life comes with a package. I hope you all agree, but don’t worry, I am not getting philosophical, but its quite right. From milk cartons to empty tissue rolls to cereal boxes, everything thing comes inboxes. In these Quartine days, when going out, especially for your kid’s art supplies, is not valid, then these packages can help you out to overcome the kid’s boredom. 

In this specific post, I would be sharing a few of my kid’s experiences with these empty boxes. 

A cereal box turn house:

This simple empty cereal box initially turned inside out and taped and doodled by my daughter. It gives her some busy time to overcome her boredom, at least. She got involves so constructively that she busy herself for hours.

Shoebox turn to the ocean Diarrohama

My kids loved their shoeboxes; a lot of that’s why they like to preserve them. This one is made by my seven years old who convert the shoebox into an ocean scene with fishes swimming around.

Photo Frame:

The long-lasting preserved Kiri cheese box turns into a slide-out photo frame.

My daughter wanted to make things learn to her young brother, so she drew out some flashcards for this frame for it too. She drew out favorite treats to have at a time, so they can play it in making up its sets.


This one was made by my eldest around 3-4 years ago, it is still preserved and also my most favorite junk art ever she has created from empty tissue roll and cardboard. Ready to take off!

Imaginative garden:

You can expect anything from your child’s brain. My eldest wanted to make a swing toy for her little newly created doll, so here its imagination, through fixing it with a pipe cleaner along with a poll (tissue roll), she somehow achieves her dream!

Not a box!

A mutual effort by both sisters to make an imaginative ride cum car for their younger brother.

During photography, the brother refuses to sit in the box; otherwise, it was a full ride for him. Sisters decorated it with whatever they got paste its favorite number 1 make out wheels and share the rides with other toys.

The main idea for these activities also led us to a fantastic story called NOT A BOX by Antoinne Portis, it’s a true depiction of a child’s imagination, I would recommend you to watch its read aloud with your kids.

Hoping that my ideas will save your time and you would enjoy doing it with your kids!

This blog is written by: Maheen Ali

A Non-practicing Architect and a homeschooling mom of three


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