Learning Fractions Through Tiny Polka Dot

From the very beginning when I started playing different games of tiny polka dot with my child, these red-colored cards were our favorites having green and blue dots on it makes more eye-catchy and attractive.

Today I tried playing fractions through it, the very basic one. We tried different cards with different numbers of dots. And try to take out the fraction between blue and green dots representing a specific number, moreover, we made out bar representation of these fractions.


Things needed:

Red cards 0-10 of Tiny Polka Dot, players 1-2, this activity is appropriate for ages 6 and plus.


Take out the cards and set them to face up. Ask the child to pick any card and ask to count on the green and blue dots respectively. Later ask them to count them in all. Teach them the basic fraction thing by giving an example of a cake or pizza to divide infractions. Then move on to making the bar chart of these blue and green dots as shown in the figure. Moreover, you can make a pie chart representation of that number card if your child wants to.

Further Play ideas: Similarly you can teach your child the concept of number sentences using the same red color cards. I will post about this idea next week in shaa Allah.

Till then try this simple fraction activity with your kids this weekend

Plan some serious fun in the evening! for your kids!

This article is written by Maheen Ali

A non-practicing architect and homeschooling mom of three.


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