Most of the parents think that mathematics is a very difficult subject and they try to endorse it by forcing so much pressure on their kids, even to the small ones that they started to hate it. “Math oh! so boring I don’t want to learn it”, most of the kid’s thoughts. Nowadays, we have a lot of tools, toys, and resources that can be used to teach math as an interesting play. PLAY PLANKS® is one of the tools that can serve as math aid for kids to learn this subject as well as have some hands-on the learning experience. But how? In this specific post, we will share with you our experiences.

I played out some mathematical fun activities with my kids this afternoon. The sun was warm and our activity area was quite cozy, so we explored many things through PLAY PLANKS® which I am listing it down along with pictures.


play planks with tiny polka dots cards

For young kids mathematics should be a source of joy, otherwise they will end up with quitting it. Here in the pictures below and above i laid down Tiny Polka dots Math cards along with PLAY PLANKS® . Just by stacking them up or aligning them in front of number cards is a simple basic counting learning, i played it with my toddler in a way that i always placed a number card and he use to place the planks in front of it. Simple yet interesting to keep the baby busy.

Play Planks with Tiny Polka dots


exploring shapes with PLAY PLANKS®

For me mathematics is a science of that deals with the logic of shape, quantity and arrangement.  So, we tried making some shapes out of PLAY PLANKS®. Building out different shapes whether its 2D or 3D both are an interactive activity. the size and shape of the planks allows you to explore it in different manners. Here are some examples the PLAY PLANKS® are same but the style for making out shapes through it is different for every child.

Rhombus, diamond, square and triangle

Now exploring some 3D shapes:

Cube by my 11 year old
square shape by 6 year old
Cuboid, the extended cube
Triangle over triangle tower, square over square tower, exploring shapes through towers
Formation of twisting towers by building up the shapes

Addition and Subtraction:

Addition with Play Planks

I have tried addition with PLAY PLANKS® it was quite engaging with my daughter, she made out number sentences through it. Pictures below and down.

In the similar way you can play subtraction sentences through it.

What Else you can teach:

By the using the same techniques you can also teach these areas of mathematics to your kids:

  • Bar Graphs
  • greater and lesser number concept
  • heavy and light weight
  • geometric comparison
  • heights and measurements
  • Symmetry

Last but not least when we were winding up our PLAY PLANKS® activity , i asked my daughters to built a tower with greater radius from the lower part and with least radius on the top and this is the outcome.

Written by:

Maheen Ali, a non-practicing architect and a homeschooling mom of three

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