There are 12+ games provided with the Tiny Polka Dot Math card game, along with instructions in English and Urdu both. But here today we will share another game which can be explored through it called “Number Target”.

It’s a puzzle type game that you have to complete it by arranging a set of numbers in a square shape format. It reinforces addition to practice in children.

How To Play:
You will need a box of Tiny Polka Dot card game
And one or two players or a family to enjoy this fun learning!

Take all the purple cards as target numbers and use the rest of the color cards for completing the puzzle. Take a number from purple cards as for example I have taken 9 as shown in the picture, place it in the center, that’s your target number, now the child will arrange the number cards in a way around the number 9 as, in rows and columns.  See picture below for reference

The number cards should be arranged in a manner when they add up gives the answer 9, that’s the target, in this example as you can see we use 7, 1, 1 at the top row, 0, 5, 4 at the bottom row. As for columns we have to use only 2 more cards on both rights and left.


Number Target is a great way to accelerate quick calculations. Number Target provides a mental strategy for addition. Research has shown these fun games really help a child in understanding basic concepts because they promote good mental arithmetic strategies.

My six year old learned about rows and columns for the first time from this game plus gain knowledge of getting the same number as by adding it through different numbers.

That’s all for today. next weekend In Shaa Allah will come up with a new fun game by using Tiny Polka Dot.

This article is written by Maheen Ali

A non-practicing Architect and a Homeschooling Mom of three.


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