LCD Text Display Module 16×2


Simple Text displays are simple and easy to use in a project and show all sorts of values, text and useful information. This LCD has 2 lines with space for 16 charatcters on each line.

We also have an I2C module to use this LCD via the 2 i2C lines and save a lot of other pins.

Ultrasonic Sonar Sensor HC-SR04


Supply: : +5 V DC

Operating current: 15 mA

Range: 2 cm – 400  cm

Ranging accuracy: upto 3 mm

Operating frequency: 40 kHz

Measuring angle: 15 degrees

Dimension 45*20*15 mm

Stepper Motor Driver Module, DRV8825


The DRV8825 stepper motor driver can drive one bipolar stepper motor at up to 2.2A with adequate cooling. The module can easily handle 1.5A with no heatsink. A small heatsink is included and with a little air flow, it can handle up to the full 2.2A. Note that the driver IC can handle up to 2.5A, but the 0.1 ohm current sense resistors limit the output to 2.2A.

LED Dot Matrix Display, 8×8


The RM0786 is a Common Anode in a row Matrix LED Display. This display module has a special feature of bicolor led. The pin configuration of the Module helps in selecting between colors as well. The display module has Pin out which can be perfectly distinguished for desired outcomes.

Capacitive Touch Sensor Board, MPR121


This is a breakout board for Freescale’s MPR121QR2. The MPR121 is a capacitive touch sensor controller driven by an I2C interface. The chip can control up to twelve individual electrodes, as well as a simulated thirteenth electrode. The MPR121 also features eight LED driving pins. When these pins are not configured as electrodes, they may be used to drive LEDs.

Bluetooth Low Energy Module n51822


The Seeed nRF51822 Module is a low-cost ARM cortex-m0 based module for Bluetooth® Smart designs with the nRF51822 SoC. The module gives access to at most 23 GPIO pins via pin pads and incorporates an onboard PCB antenna to minimize the material cost but also with a good performance. The application engineers can easily apply the module for their application without worrying about the specific impedance matching or soldering fine pitch related radio designing issues.

Keypad Module for Arduino Raspberry Pi


This Matrix Keypad 4 X 3 has 12 buttons, arranged in a telephone-line 3×4 grid. The keys are connected into a matrix, hence only 7 microcontroller pins (3-columns and 4-rows) are required to scan the pad.

Raspberry Pi NOIR Camera Module v2


The Pi NoIR gives you everything the regular Camera Module offers, with one difference: it does not employ an infrared filter. (NoIR = No Infrared.) This means that pictures you take by daylight will look decidedly curious, but it gives you the ability to see in the dark with infrared lighting.