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Nose Plier

When making any project or joining wires or bending small plastic/metal items we need a plier, this handy small 6inch plier is a great tool for all those things and much more. One of the basic tools every maker, tinkerer, inventor should have.

This Nose Plier is included in our TOOL KIT as well, which has a host of other tools to make a complete workstation for any tinkering projects invloving electronics, check it out at Ejaad Box ToolKit.


9 in stock

6″ needle nose pliers feature long, tempered jaws ideal for bending wires or working with small objects as well as work in tight places. With carbon steel construction provides durability and long life, plastic-dipped handles provide comfortable use. These are great tool for bending wire, jewelry making, computers maintenance, electronics repair, small object gripping etc.