Safety Goggles for Experiments


The Safe look Glasses are protective glasses, which have a solid, comfortable and lightweight design, The frames have non-slip TIPGRIP temples and an adjustable non-slip nose bridge. The lenses are scratch-resistant and anti-static.

Spirograph Geometric Pattern Scale


Get ready for hours of fun with the Spirograph Design set, a must-have for young and old alike With Spirograph’s distinctive interlocking gears and wheels, anyone can draw elegant, spiraling designs. Inspired by the design of the original 1965 Spirograph, this set will entertain the whole family for hours and hours.

Electronics Tool Kit

  • A new age engineering toy tool kit for your child
  • A kit for kids who love to make and break things
  • All necessary tools are in one place
  • Best for learning about circuits and electronics
  • Safe & easy to use
  • Low in cost and portable
  • Useful for a large range of project work (curricular or extra-curricular)
  • Helpful in learning soldering
  • Develops problem solving skills
  • Usage under adult supervision is recommended

DC Gear Motor For Robot, 2 Motors with Wheels

  • Voltage: 3-6VDC
  • Current: 80-150mA
  • No Load Speed: 3V-125 RPM, 5V-200 RPM, 6V-230 RPM
  • Load Speed: 3V-95 RPM, 5V-160 RPM, 6V-175 RPM
  • Output Torque:,,
  • Wheel Diameter: 65mm including tyre
  • Wheel Width: 25mm
  • Gearbox/Motor Dimensions: 20mm x 22mm x 65mm
  • Weight: 50grams
  • Wheel can fit to the left or right of the gearbox and motor can be run in both forward and reverse directions.

Concave Lens 50mm Diamter


This lens is perfect for doing optical experiments comparing focal lengths and convex vs. concave lenses.

Vero Board Small


Veroboard is Ideal for development and prototyping work. Dotted Small Veroboard is designed primarily for hard wiring of discrete components, typically in analogue circuits, but is equally useful where a number of common bus or signal lines are required.

Convex Lens 20cm Focal Length 50mm Diamater


This lens is perfect for doing optical experiments comparing focal lengths and convex vs. concave lenses.

Jumper Wires Dupont 8inch Male-Female, Set of 10 Multicolor Wires


working on an Arduino project, or Raspberry Pi or on a breadboard or just trying to connect different modules together in a project, these jumper wires are a great solution and allow for easy identification due to having 10 different colors, available as Male-Male, Male-Female and Female-Female variants. these wires are 8inch long.