Controlling robot with Bluetooth

Controlling Robot with Bluetooth

In our series for Robotics for Teachers, we are finally at a point where we can include a Bluetooth device to the robot and send it commands wirelessly via Bluetooth using our smartphone. We have already done discussion on the wiring of the robot and all the many different modules and components on the robot in previous videos and this one is just to add Bluetooth and although it is a bit fast-paced, but if you have any questions or comments, feel free to…

DIY Robotics for Educators, Session # 3 – Writing Code

Session 3 of DIY Robotics for Educators is when we start writing actual code to control our robot, if you are feeling overwhelmed or have never coded before, relax, take a deep breath and type the code that you see in the video – do not COPY PASTE it, type it so that your mind can have the time to absorb it and don’t worry, we will explain more and have a more in-depth code related tutorial out as well very soon. Robot Code…

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