Unboxing Science box and learning about circuits

We explored Pop up learning Science Box (Electricity version) along with our science text book.

Initially, we unbox the electricity kit and explore what’s inside it! We have uploaded a video about it too!

My daughter is a 6th grader and almost going to start her 7th grade, so this box and its components help her out to do the practical activities regarding Electricity.

Now in this video shes explaining about a simple circuit along with a buzzer. Initially, she made out this circuit without a switch but later on, she added the switch in the circuit realizing the importance of a switch in the circuit 🙂

Now, in the next video she tries to make out a series circuit with the help of the given components in the box, she uses LED light instead of bulb she loves using LED alot.

There is more to explore from this just single Science Box by Pop up learning, we will try other circuits and experiments in our next blog!

This blog post is written by Maheen Ali, a non-practicing architect and a homeschooling mom of three kids.


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