Vibrobot – Robotics Kit

    • An easy beginners robotics kit for your child
    • Build your very first robot with vibrobots
    • Develops basic electronics concept
    • Enhance creativity and imagination
    • Child safe (no soldering required)

DC Gear Motor For Robot, 2 Motors with Wheels

  • Voltage: 3-6VDC
  • Current: 80-150mA
  • No Load Speed: 3V-125 RPM, 5V-200 RPM, 6V-230 RPM
  • Load Speed: 3V-95 RPM, 5V-160 RPM, 6V-175 RPM
  • Output Torque:,,
  • Wheel Diameter: 65mm including tyre
  • Wheel Width: 25mm
  • Gearbox/Motor Dimensions: 20mm x 22mm x 65mm
  • Weight: 50grams
  • Wheel can fit to the left or right of the gearbox and motor can be run in both forward and reverse directions.

Ultrasonic Sonar Sensor HC-SR04


Supply: : +5 V DC

Operating current: 15 mA

Range: 2 cm – 400  cm

Ranging accuracy: upto 3 mm

Operating frequency: 40 kHz

Measuring angle: 15 degrees

Dimension 45*20*15 mm

Raspberry Pi 3 B


A Raspberry Pi is a palm-sized computer you can use to create fun projects, learn to code, play games, make IoT projects, learn about machine learning, artificial intelligence and much more!

It is a very cheap computer that runs on Linux and provides a set of GPIO (general purpose input/output) pins thereby allowing one to control electronic components for physical computing and explore the world of IoT.

Across the world, Raspberry Pi is being used to develop programming skills, build hardware projects, do home automation, and even use them in industrial applications.

Nokia 5110 Screen 3V-5V


Need some sort of output display for your project, this LCD will get you started right away.