What Does Pop Up Learning Do?

Pop Up Learning helps students, teachers and parents in making learning FUN and ENGAGING, we Pop Up, learning out of the books and into the hands of students and teachers, making learning a fun hands-on activity in and outside the classroom.

Pop Up Learning Activities are designed in accordance with the National Science Curriculum and allow students a fun and engaging way to test and assess their classroom teachings and learnings.

We provide activities in a boxed package which teachers and parents can utilize themselves in the classroom and at home by following our comprehensive guides, tutorials and training videos available online on our website and in the activity package.

Our Core Products:

  1. Tiny Polka Dot Math Learning Game
  2. Play Planks Wooden Construction Set
  3. Electronics Toolkit
  4. Science Box Electricity & Circuits
  5. Arduino Starter Kit
  6. Science Box Light & Colors
  7. Vibrobot Robotics Kit