Electricity & Circuits Kit

    • Aligned with National Science Curriculum of Pakistan
    • A fun and engaging kit for science lovers
    • Stimulate electricity and circuits concepts
    • Ideal for both Teachers and Students
    • Explore 16+ experiments through provided instructional guide
    • Covers experiments Grades 4 to 8
    • Easy to use and child safe
    • For ages 10 and above
    • No soldering required

Tiny Polka Dot – Math Game

  • Teaches Numbers, Counting, Addition, Subtraction
  • 6 sets of Number Cards from 0 to 10 in different styles
  • 12 Game/Activity Instruction Cards
  • Instructions in both Urdu and English language
  • Video Tutorials for all Activities and Games
  • Ideal for pre-primary and primary mathematics learning
  • Unlimited ideas for more games and activities

Play Planks – Wooden Construction Set


Unlock the limitless world of constructive play with our PLAY PLANK wooden construction set. Crafted from high-quality beech wood in Pakistan, PLAY PLANK offers a safe and fun building experience for both children and adults.

Gravity-based construction: Pieces held in place through balance, promoting spatial awareness and fine motor skills.
No fixatives required: Build without the need for glue, screws, or clips.
Social learning: Stimulate collaborative creativity in group play sessions.
Imaginative play: Inspire creative thinking and unleash the power of imagination.

Arduino Starter Kit

    • A new age coding gift for your child
    • Easy and simple to learn through video tutorials
    • Develops programming and basic electronics skills
    • No electrical shock, SAFE to use
    • Stimulate electronics learning
    • Give hands-on practice on circuits
    • For ages 10 and above
    • No soldering required

Electronics Tool Kit

  • A new age engineering toy tool kit for your child
  • A kit for kids who love to make and break things
  • All necessary tools are in one place
  • Best for learning about circuits and electronics
  • Safe & easy to use
  • Low in cost and portable
  • Useful for a large range of project work (curricular or extra-curricular)
  • Helpful in learning soldering
  • Develops problem solving skills
  • Usage under adult supervision is recommended

Solar Power Kit

  • 15W solar panel
  • Solar charge controller
  • 2x SMD DC light, 12V
  • DC Fan, 12V
  • Wires for connecting everything up
  • Switches for controlling the energy flow
  • SLA Battery 12V, 7Ah