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Robotics Kit


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The Pop Up Learning Robotics Kit is an all-in-one DIY (Do it Yourself) kit for both beginners and advanced users. the product is self-contained and provides all the modules, bits and pieces to have a working robot in no time.

The kit is a familiar 2 wheel-ed system with an improved chassis design and quality materials. We have the chassis available (acrylic and wooden) which have proved to be sturdier and more reliable.

Included in the package are an Arduino UNO, an L298 motor shield, 2 DC gear motors with wheels, joining nuts and bolts, connecting jumper wires, a 16×2 i2C text LCD, 2 Ultrasonic SONAR sensors and AA-sized batteries with charger.

You can also add a Bluetooth or WiFi module to this kit to make the robot wireless.

All the required tutorials and building instructions are provided online. We keep updating our blog and Youtube channel with more videos and projects that can be done with this robotic kit.

The link to our channel is: