Vibrobot – Robotics Kit

    • An easy beginners robotics kit for your child
    • Build your very first robot with vibrobots
    • Develops basic electronics concept
    • Enhance creativity and imagination
    • Child safe (no soldering required)

DC Gear Motor For Robot, 2 Motors with Wheels

  • Voltage: 3-6VDC
  • Current: 80-150mA
  • No Load Speed: 3V-125 RPM, 5V-200 RPM, 6V-230 RPM
  • Load Speed: 3V-95 RPM, 5V-160 RPM, 6V-175 RPM
  • Output Torque:,,
  • Wheel Diameter: 65mm including tyre
  • Wheel Width: 25mm
  • Gearbox/Motor Dimensions: 20mm x 22mm x 65mm
  • Weight: 50grams
  • Wheel can fit to the left or right of the gearbox and motor can be run in both forward and reverse directions.

Arduino UNO SMD IC with USB Cable


The Arduino Uno Rev3 SMD has an 8-bit processor clocked at 16 MHz and a comprehensive pinout offering electronics engineers of all levels lots of possibilities.

With Arduino, you also enjoy the benefits of a simplified open-source programming environment, accessible to both beginners and experienced robotics enthusiasts.

FlySky FS-i6S Transmitter RC Remote with FS-iA6B Receiver


This systems width ranges from 2.4055GHz to 2.475GHz. This is divided into 140 channels. Each transmitter hops between 16 channels in order to reduce interference from other transmitters.

Transmitter and Receiver pair for your RC Hobby experiments and projects