Electricity & Circuits Kit

    • Aligned with National Science Curriculum of Pakistan
    • A fun and engaging kit for science lovers
    • Stimulate electricity and circuits concepts
    • Ideal for both Teachers and Students
    • Explore 16+ experiments through provided instructional guide
    • Covers experiments Grades 4 to 8
    • Easy to use and child safe
    • For ages 10 and above
    • No soldering required

Glass Prism for Science Experiments


Suitable for primary and secondary school students to learn refraction of Light

It is a good present for children

Use this triangular prism to split a beam of light into colors of the rainbow

With this Prism teach children about Rainbow and explore the mysteries of light to stimulate a child’s thirst for knowledge

You can also use it as “”Paper Weight”” on your office table

LASER Pointer 3-in-1, LASER, Torch, UV Light, with button cells


The 3-in-1 key chain has a red laser pointer, a UV torch, and an LED white light! Besides the many light related experiments like reflection, refraction, refractive index and double-slit experiment, it’s also great for presentations, cats, pets and emergencies!

The built-in UV Light also can be used in many experiments or just for checking currency notes. The torch provides light when you are in the dark and when working on small items and projects in hard to reach places

Convex Lens 20cm Focal Length 50mm Diamater


This lens is perfect for doing optical experiments comparing focal lengths and convex vs. concave lenses.

Concave Lens 50mm Diamter


This lens is perfect for doing optical experiments comparing focal lengths and convex vs. concave lenses.

Torch Light with Batteries


A portable handheld torch to use in your science experiments. The torch has a bright White SMD LED in it which lights up and provides ample light in any situation.

Requires two AA cells to operate, batteries are included with the Torch Light

Glass Slab for Science Experiments


Glass slab is a substance made of glass having 3 dimensions and is like cuboid shaped. It does not deviate the light. This means that the incident and the emergent ray are parallel. The slab only produces lateral (sideways) shifts or displacement. It can teach children to explore the mysteries of light, stimulate a child’s thirst for knowledge, and improve the children’s interest in understanding the magic world.