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Electricity & Circuits Kit

    • Aligned with National Science Curriculum of Pakistan
    • A fun and engaging kit for science lovers
    • Stimulate electricity and circuits concepts
    • Ideal for both Teachers and Students
    • Explore 16+ experiments through provided instructional guide
    • Covers experiments Grades 4 to 8
    • Easy to use and child safe
    • For ages 10 and above
    • No soldering required


12 in stock

Discover circuits and electricity contraptions with functional devices. Explore the relationship between voltage and current in meaningful ways. Includes 16+ experiments suitable for students of grades 4 to 8, aligned with the National Curriculum, this is an ideal gift for both teachers and students.

Teachers can use this kit in the classroom to demonstrate experiments and science concepts that are difficult to teach.

Students can make projects involving circuits and magnets and learn science in a fun and engaging way.

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