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Tiny Polka Dot – Math Game

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  • Teaches Numbers, Counting, Addition, Subtraction
  • 6 sets of Number Cards from 0 to 10 in different styles
  • 12 Game/Activity Instruction Cards
  • Instructions in both Urdu and English language
  • Video Tutorials for all Activities and Games
  • Ideal for pre-primary and primary mathematics learning
  • Unlimited ideas for more games and activities


100 in stock

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  • Award winning Math Teaching card game
  • Fosters and builds basic numerical concepts
  • Family fun game can be played in teams
  • Designed in USA by PhD Mathematicians
  • Helps in brain exercising and sharpens memory skills

Tiny Polka Dot is an award-winning mathematical game, designed in the USA, manufactured in Pakistan. This colorful card game grows with your child, provides brain development, increases logical thinking and teaches fundamental math skills that kids need in life from pre-school to grade 2.

A family fun game that keeps your child busy in an interactive way and makes your child fall in love with numbers and mathematics. Ideal for pre-primary and basic arithmetical skills teaching in group activities. 

Includes 6 sets of colorful beautiful cards that show numbers from 0 to 10 in different styles and configurations and 12 easy to learn activity cards with Urdu and English instructions along with further game ideas for increased difficulty and math skill requirement in games.

What’s Inside: 

  • 66 Tiny Polka Dot Cards
  • Instructions for 12 exciting Math Learning Games in English and Urdu
  • 6 BONUS Color Name Cards
  • Guide for Grown-ups


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Tiny Polka Dot in Action

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Tiny Polka Dot Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Each box has only one game? A: Each Tiny Polka Dot box has 12 Activities you can play and each activity has many different levels and variations, provides virtually unlimited Math Learning and Fun

Q: How can I place an order for Tiny Polka Dot Game? A: To order please add the product to cart and checkout on our website or Call/SMS/WhatsApp us at 0317 777 6787

Q: If I place the order now, when will I receive it? A: It usually takes 3 to 7 business days outside Karachi and one day for local deliveries in Karachi. 

Q: Do you have a discount? A: We have a special in-store pickup discount for customers who buy it from our office in Karachi.

Q: How can we play tiny polka dots? A: Tiny Polka Dot game comes with 12+ games inside the box with both English and Urdu language instructions, videos of games are also provided on our website and on our Pop Up Learning Youtube channel.

Q: Is it suitable for children under 3 years old? A: Tiny Pola Dot is ideally designed for 3+ but children below this age can learn numbers, colors and shapes, later on, they can use it for more options because this game grows with your child.

Q: What are the benefits of Tiny Polka dot? A: it is a mathematical award-winning game, that fosters your child’s abilities towards numeracy and more. It is a family fun game, can be played in groups. It sharpens the brain and increases logical thinking, ideal for pre-primary and basic arithmetic skills. 

Q: Can adults play this game? A: yes, of course, we have designed it’s games to play in teams, so that it can develop better child-parent interaction.

Q: Where it comes from? Is it imported? A: It is designed by an American mathematician, and it is printed on the highest quality 300+gsm card and sold in Pakistan exclusively by Pop Up Learning.