Ejaad Box Tool Kit for Electronics
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Electronics Tool Kit

  • A new age engineering toy tool kit for your child
  • A kit for kids who love to make and break things
  • All necessary tools are in one place
  • Best for learning about circuits and electronics
  • Safe & easy to use
  • Low in cost and portable
  • Useful for a large range of project work (curricular or extra-curricular)
  • Helpful in learning soldering
  • Develops problem solving skills
  • Usage under adult supervision is recommended


Available on backorder

A one of a kind engineering tool-box for your child to get the exposure to the world of circuits, machines, motors, screws, nuts, bolts and wires. Ranging from soldering iron to glue gun and wire strippers, this kit is an ideal gift for your child to foster and spark the fun learning experience for hardware, and tinkering and making DIY Projects. Instructional guide and online video tutorials are included. Adult supervision is recommended. Best for kids of age 10+.