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Arduino Starter Kit

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    • A new age coding gift for your child
    • Easy and simple to learn through video tutorials
    • Develops programming and basic electronics skills
    • No electrical shock, SAFE to use
    • Stimulate electronics learning
    • Give hands-on practice on circuits
    • For ages 10 and above
    • No soldering required


Available on backorder

Ejaad Box – Arduino Starter Kit is a great way to start teaching your child about circuits, programming, and coding. The kit is accompanied by online tutorials and videos which gives you hands-on learning experience of Arduino programming and electronics hardware.

The new age is of coding and programming and considered an important subject for the children. This kit is a technology gift for your child. With simple video tutorials, you and your child and easily learn about Arduino and come out with several projects from this kit. Appropriate for ages 10 and above.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/embed?listType=playlist&list=PL1IUWZLqmoXYuiM0A-pj50KliRbSJ0wwd&layout=gallery[/embedyt]